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Pink lining bags?

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The3Bears Tue 03-Apr-12 09:43:30

Im currently deciding which changing bag to purchase for using with ds 2 who is due in Aug, I had a bugaboo one with ds1 5 yrs ago but wasnt too keen on it as it was so big and useless.

I really like the pink lining blue butterlies one but has anyone got one? are they practical?

tia smile

jkklpu Tue 03-Apr-12 20:07:21

Do you really need a "special" changing bag? Work out whether you'll be doing lots of walking with sling/pushing buggy/what your routine will be and decide what to use on that basis, eg with sling a rucksack is good as you can have hands free; with a buggy, doesn't matter as you just stick the bag underneath or hook on to the bag. Special changing bags usually just a rip-off for first-timers

The3Bears Wed 04-Apr-12 13:09:48

I suppose I dont really need it, just being abit awkward. I do alot of walking but dont really use a sling, so it just goes on the pram.

Celestia Tue 01-May-12 18:12:40

My sister has one and it's still as new now her ds is 2.5. They are expensive but the quality seems good - none of the inner lining has torn for example.

melliebobs Wed 02-May-12 19:36:00

I have one and love it smile

I was planning in just getting a cheap record bag but my mum got it me for Xmas

The fold out change mat has been used loads like wen I've been me mums etc and as we're in washable nappies the wet bag is handy too. Loads of space & pockets and 2 insulated pockets to keep your heated bottles warm.

They are pricey but if you fancy treatin yourself why not!

OneLittleBabyTerror Sun 13-May-12 09:21:12

You don't actually need a special bag but I love them! I don't like putting a dirty nappy in the main bag even if it's in a nappy sack. I like the little compartments for wipes, nappies, sacks. If I use a large hand bag, then everything will end up in the large black hole. And I will never be able to find my keys, wallet, DD blanket.

I have 2 change bags grin. One for myself and another for DH when we go out a a family.

OneLittleBabyTerror Sun 13-May-12 09:22:20

I am bf so the bottle liners are useless for the first 6mo. But I now use it to carry DDs water bottle. Brill.

Sparklesandglitter Fri 15-Jun-12 17:07:53

I've just got the pink butterflies bag, love it grin

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