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Changing Bags : pointless, impractical, more money than sense.

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Propinquity Wed 21-Mar-12 16:50:42

They are a complete waste of money. With my first child I did the usual 'Oh has to be the best of everything' and went for the ubiquitous Cath Kidston £65 changing bag. It's marvellous how well their marketing appeals to us. As if a wipeclean, somewhat actually heavyweight bag to weigh down your pram with it's many compartments and gosh a 'handy' key fob actually does any different a job to two Tesco carrier bags that weigh nothing with nappies in one and bits and bobs in the other.

Seriously, there are some that actually state boldly 'Yummy Mummy' as the brand name. Let's be clear, a yummy mummy is just another expression for MILF, which in my opinion, being as it was first bandied about in lad's mags, is not complimentary.

Your argument will be, ' but the compartments are so handy for storing the bottle upright, it's easier to find my keys than delve about in the pram basket or handbag, I can fit a change of clothes in there too'.

You can do all that with carrier bags and a bottle holder ... but it's not quite the same pulling out a supermarket carrier bag full of changing gear in the middle of the playgroup, you must have a branded changing bag with florals and 'statements' to be in the proper club. They range from £60-£185. It's a flippant design choice, not a practical choice...

However, new mums are the biggest known captive audience in the commercial world, nothing I say will change a single person's mind! grin

KittieCat Wed 21-Mar-12 16:53:44

I agree! Fortunately I realised how useless they were only after using the ubiquitous Boots freebie one. Waste of cash that I'd rather spend on a nice handbag to full with rice cakes and nappies!

KittieCat Wed 21-Mar-12 16:54:28

fill with rice cakes and nappies

Pinkiemum Wed 21-Mar-12 16:59:22

So might as well give up my handbag as well could use a carrier bag for that as well, I find my Changing bag easy to use the more compartments the better easy to find what I need and always packed and ready to go. plus came with a travel changing mat.

BikeRunSki Wed 21-Mar-12 17:01:21

Well, you can get the freebie Boots one, which I actually prefered to my CK one last time! I have never quite understood why changing bags are so pricey. Bit I aslso don't get why some people will pay £500+ for a handbag (I understand that more £ gets you better quality, but there must be a point ofi nsignificant diminishing returns)

Anyway, between babies I sold my heavy and actually not very big inside CK bag. This time I have North Face courier bag which is also waterproof and wipe clean, has plenty of space for baby stuff and 3 yo stuff, well made, manly enough for DH to carry it and comes in many colours without a single cupcake on them. It is also comfy to walk miles and miles with. In the distant future, when I can go out without all the bottles, nappies, spare clothes etc, I shall use it as an ordinary bag,

LadyWidmerpool Wed 21-Mar-12 17:01:31

Each to her own

Elfontheedge Wed 21-Mar-12 17:29:29

Good grief nice clothes for babies are impractical. They get sicked on, food dropped on. Let's just wrap them in old sheets hmm

I happen to like my changing bag

lilibartley Tue 27-Mar-12 08:42:44

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

NickettyNacketty Tue 27-Mar-12 08:47:51

Rucksack. Insulated bottle holder from Boots. Away we go.
Or even just a travel change mat, couple of nappies, wipes and spare vest and sleepsuit in a carrier bag and away we go.

Honeydragon Tue 27-Mar-12 08:55:44

I was given a pinky leather timi and Leslie changing bag with Ds it's now knackered to look at but I used it for dd and used it as a handbag
for the 6 years between the two.

The insulated pockets were massive and wipe clean so I was aw to stick my lunch for work in there grin

It's one of the most univesally practical bags I've ever owned.

Sue3000 Thu 12-Apr-12 15:38:38

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

kangamouse Thu 03-May-12 16:44:52

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

whatsoever Sun 15-Jul-12 23:25:33

People who keep all their everyday bits and bobs in carrier bags look a bit homeless - sorry, it's true. I'll still be having a changing bag I think.

But I echo LadyWidmerpool - each to their own.

pinkyp Sun 15-Jul-12 23:32:37

I wouldn't say a changing bag was pointless & impractical, well the one you bought might of been but mine wasn't. It is light, has a long strap and short so I can change it and be hands free. it has elastic outside pockets so when I'm rushing I can shove things in and know where they are instantly. It also has a wet bag which I use for ds's epipens & antihistamine which is fastened to the bag so I can locate it straight away which is great.

If your happy with your carrier bags then brill but yabu to think all changing bags are a rip off / impractical, but I think you know that wink

CBChester Sun 15-Jul-12 23:47:14

I had a Baby Bjorn backpack style which latest for both DCs and way beyond one of my best buys grin

Nospringflower Sun 15-Jul-12 23:50:46

I agree - I just used big handbags and they did the job fine smile

Chunkychicken Tue 31-Jul-12 10:47:04

I did the Boots bag at first, but once I had decided to 'treat' myself to a nice change bag, I have been disappointed repeatedly.

I have found that generally a 'proper' change bag is over-priced & of extremely shoddy workmanship, usually requiring returning within a couple of months (which is not the anticipated lifespan for any bag really, let alone a bag that's just used for transporting nappies etc - its not like I climbed Everest using it!!). I went through MANY before giving up.

I now have 1) primark (or similar) large-ish but cheap handbag (£9) 2) babymel nappy roll thing (although a Poundland £1 change mat would work as well) and despite breastfeeding, I also bought the Babymel bottle carrier (just in case).

Much nicer than carrier bags & at £9, if it only lasts a few months (which it usually doesn't, one bag lasted longer than all the others combined) its easily replaced...

Chique26 Sat 25-Aug-12 17:49:27

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

Chique26 Sat 25-Aug-12 17:49:49

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

PeazlyPops Sat 25-Aug-12 17:52:57

I'm very happy with my changing bag. It was only £30, is lightweight, has lots of compartments, an insulated pocket for a bottle, a travel changing mat etc.

It's perfect, but plain black and ugly. DH is buying me a storksak for my birthday. It looks like a handbag and is vair pretty.

Flosie1989 Thu 13-Sep-12 08:40:26

What a silly thread! But I'm going to join in anyway wink

I too have a cath kidston changing bag but I bought mine second hand off eBay so I didn't have to fork out the full £65!

Personally I find mine very useful and it means everything I need is in one place. You can also sling it over your shoulder which you can't really do with a carrier bag plus a carrier bag doesn't look great and could rip whilst your out which means all the nappies etc would be scattered everywhere!

It's nice to have a pretty one too as us women like to have nice pretty handbags so why be different for a changing bag?! You might as well just use a carrier bag for a handbag too....then you will certainly look like a tramp!

ecolley Wed 26-Sep-12 15:11:29

What about something that you can use for practical 'go-to' essentials storage for home/ under pram but can also sort of transform into a changing bag (with all the useful compartments for bottles etc?) for when you're on the move.

Just thinking it might help with getting out of the house quicker...?

Shodan Wed 26-Sep-12 15:18:38

I am fascinated that there is a whole topic devoted solely to changing bags.

How can I not have known this?

notso Wed 26-Sep-12 15:49:53

Calm down OP, don't get your plaggy bags in a twist.

I like my Skip Hop changing bag it was £10 from Ebay, I need different sections for DS2, DS3, my things, DS2's allergy kit and general tat. I suppose I could fork out 25p for five carrier bags but why would I want to carry five plastic bags around when I can use one one changing bag?

I also couldn't give a stuff who uses what bag at playgroup.
I would like to suggest you try and have a more positive outlook towards others it makes for a happier life and less wrinkles smile

itsjustmeanon Sun 30-Sep-12 16:08:31

Ha, I'm erring as to whether to buy a changing bag. Fancying a babymoov for £40, or to use my biggest leather handbag, with a changing mat and nappies etc.

Might just wait till the baby arrives.

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