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Where to buy a Pacapod (Portland) bag?

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Hi ladies

I think I'm pretty sold on the Pacapod range and the Portland version in particular. However despite searching for AGES online I can't find any retailers doing this bag at a discount or on any kind of offer at all.

For anyone who already has a Pacapod, can you recommend the best place to buy it from please? The RRP for the Portland is £110, so any improvement on that would be great!


Oops! RRP is actually £120, but it is available online at £110. Any good places to look for a better deal?

Worcestercat Tue 24-Jan-12 18:24:33

Oh dear- I am having the same problem. Think mummy and little me have 10% off if you sign up to emails. Hoping for a bit more of a reduction!

soandsosmum Sun 29-Jul-12 11:48:26

arg so in love with this range! Sooo need to have it as a Christmas present I reckon :-) (dc2 due in dec)

anyone found a good discount place?

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