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Changing bag on a budget

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cjamme Thu 29-Dec-11 18:36:12

Have you seen Mia Tui, they have bags that can be used for changing bags, starting at £29.99 they are also giving away a free bag with every bag purchased. Just quote FREE BLACK GRACE or FREE BROWN GRACE.

madam1mim Tue 20-Dec-11 19:50:58

not sure about the babies r us bags but we didnt wnt to spend a lot on a changing bag so got one from, its by graco and has lasted ery well. loads of room and pockets. was only about £15. they have other cheap bags on there too.

dldl Tue 20-Dec-11 12:18:54


I hope someone here can help me. I'm looking for a changing bag. I currently use the free Boots Parenting one, but the zip is breaking and it isn't quite big enough for a whole day out.

Don't want to spend more than £30ish. Does anyone have a changing bag they can recommend? I have a Baby Jogger City Elite buggy, so it changing bag has a shoulder strap it can hang over the handle bar, or go in the basket underneath.

I have seen that Babies R Us have some of their own brand changing bags on offer for £20, and mothercare have the Phil & Teds Diddie for £20 on sale. Anyone have any experience with these? Suggestions welcome!


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