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Babymule - any good?

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ImpYCelyn Sat 12-Nov-11 15:25:46

I don't like my current changing bag and when DC2 arrives it won't be big enough (18m gap).

I was thinking about just getting a really big handbag, but I just saw the babymule and I'm tempted by it.

Does anyone have one? Is it worth it?

Thanks smile

Kitkate78 Thu 29-Dec-11 22:56:12

My sister does for her 2DCs (16 wks and 2.2yo) and she loves it! Plenty of space and separate compartments for food, nappies, clothes etc. plus good it can change from shoulder bag to rucksack. Can be a bit chunky when full to bursting though.

I'm definitely going to get one if and when we have DC2!

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