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Weekender changing bag - HELP!

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Tididdy Fri 11-Nov-11 21:17:33

Hi All.
Desperately need some recommendations for a changing bag. For my day to day over-the-pram changing bag I've got a very roomy and practical Lin & Leo bag.
However, I'm always travelling between Manchester - London (to see the inlaws and parents) for the weekend and I am carrying a number of separate bags in addition to the Lin & Leo to hold the food, clothes, nappies etc needed for the weekend.
I need a weekend travel changing bag that can hold everything and has separate compartments (one for food/bottles/, one for nappies/change mat/wipes etc, one for baby's clothes for the weekend. And a small compartment for my mobile/purse/makeup/keys).

I would consider any material - leather, canvas etc.
Price wise - I am again flexible - if a cheaper one does the job and looks good , great. I would also pay money for a more harder-wearing, stylish one.

Help desperately needed - I have another trip coming up on the 26th so need to get it sorted before then. Can't be carrying 6 bags to Manchester and spilling stuff all over the place.

Many thanks

Graciescotland Fri 11-Nov-11 21:34:33

I have one similar to this works well for weekend travel. Still looks new after 15 months too. It has a lift out insert which is great for compartmentalizing.

Tididdy Fri 11-Nov-11 22:01:09

Thanks Gracie. What's the material - the ad doesn't seem to say? What do you keep in the insert?

Graciescotland Fri 11-Nov-11 22:31:48

Insert takes nappies (normally half a pack so 16?)/ wipes / half a dozen outfits nappy bags, couple of toys, toothbrush, cutlery, tippy cup and there's still lots of space. TBH I keep the insert upstairs (in nursery) and top up as necessary and pop in change bag as required. Change bag itself I use daily.

Material I'm not sure, it doesn't say on the label, I assume it's Nylon which is man made fibre derived from plastic (I think). Mines is slightly glossy but Kipling are better known for crinkly type nylon. I know they sell Kipling in department stores it might be worth having a look at one to get an idea of the fabric. They do have a reputation for being very durable though.

Alternatively I've found that a small wheeled suitcase, one up from airport carry on size fits under the buggy/ on the travel system. We've got a samsonite that I use for my stuff. Then I clip the kipling bag to the frame of the pram. Might be worth a mooch around John Lewis to see what fits your pram?

Joiyuk Wed 14-Nov-12 15:14:28

I have this one. I bought it for a long flight and it certainly did the job! Fit everything in there for me and my 18mo ds, it's hardwearing and stylish too. I use it as a handbag sometimes when I want to carry my iPad around. Highly recommend.

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