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Just found a great leather changing bag that actually looks nice as well!

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bootsdingo77 Tue 24-May-11 11:52:58

So excited - I have worked my way through a few changing bags since having twin boys last May - and have never really liked any of them cos they look so Mumsy. Instead I wanted one that could take all the boys stuff but still looked like a nice normal bag/handbag as well, and have finally found one that I love! Its a really lovely leather bag from a wee company called Scaramanga that a friend recommended to me. There are 2 sizes but I found the smaller one is perfect for me and I would definitely have used it BT (before twins) as well . Can get all our gear in it and then when I occasionally leave the house without the boys, it also doubles as a great handbag. I have had loads of comments and compliments about it and totally love it! It is also really good value and cheaper than lots of the changing bags that I have seen - mine cost £72.50 and when I told them I wanted it as a changing bag they gave me a free lovely changing mat as well. The link is Its called a Vintage Flight Bag 2. The larger bag link is
Happy changing!

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