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yummy mummy pretty but practical?

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loola2shus Tue 08-Mar-11 14:32:20

I had a yummy mummy changing bag which had little plates & cutlery allover it.

I loved it and it was very practical, infact I still use it now when going on days out etc. even though DCs are 3&5 as its nice and big and fits lots in!

Pinkjenny Tue 08-Mar-11 14:05:40

I had a Yummy Mummy changing bag with dd. Yes, pretty and practical. But actually, once I had her in my arms, I felt a bit of a prat carrying it about. As there is nothing yummy about being a mummy. Not in the early days, anyway.

I sold it on ebay and used a plain black storksak with ds.

I quite like the red spotty Cath Kidston ones, though.

<<grumpy old beggar>>

Nagoo Tue 08-Mar-11 14:03:11

also [[ these clips] are your friend.

Nagoo Tue 08-Mar-11 14:01:34

I never get a changing bag.

Get one of [[ these]] and then you can have whatever bag you like. I see that that one's out of stock but you see the drift

if you were going to pay 'yummy mummy' money then you could have something very lovely and use it past the baby stage

Bella2010star Mon 07-Mar-11 23:23:33

I have decided that I want to treat myself to a new changing bag as I want something a bit more girly has anyone brought a yummy mummy bg and if so are they any good? They look really pretty but are they practical just got to fit it on a Maclaren stroller. Any other girly bag suggestions are welcome as well.

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