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Big (and cheapish) changing-bag, any recommendations?

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sausagedoesnotroll Fri 19-Nov-10 20:50:18

We're expecting our second baby in January when DS will be 20 months, so still in nappies. Our existing changing bag is falling apart and needs replacing, but we need something fairly spacious as we will be using reusable nappies with both babies.

Does anyone have any recommendations? It needs to clip onto the handle of the buggy if at all possible as I don't want to be lugging it about all the time.

We saw a bag by Mutsy which seemed to have an expandable section but looking for them online I can't find anything with a proper description of what the features are (except for it matching your Mutsy pram - which we haven't got). Does anyone have one of these. Are they any good?

JaneUK Sun 21-Nov-10 16:56:56

I have not got any experience of Mutsy, but I am a big fan of the Skip Hop range of changing bags. I used to like the look of these before I had junior.

They are really practicle and come in varying styles, some of which are quite roomy.

I went for the Skip Hop Messenger style one cause I like the design. Did a bit of searching for them, but the best place seemed to be as they offered reward points too.

Hope this is of some help to you?

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