Cars that fit 3 child seats across rear seats

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nannynick Mon 19-Apr-10 16:12:57

Given that this question comes up quite often, thought I'd help start off this new Cars topic by asking the question:

What cars will fit 3 child seats across the rear seats?

traceybath Mon 19-Apr-10 16:13:50

Ford S-Max - very happy with mine.

MoneyNoPockets Mon 19-Apr-10 17:46:04

Could posters also state which car seats they use in their car

moosemama Mon 19-Apr-10 18:09:22

We have a Citroen Picasso with 2 Maxi Cosi Rodi high backed boosters either side and a Graco Junior Baby (on its base) in the centre. Horrible ugly car really (dh hates it), but really comfy and spacious and has a walkthrough back seat, (no hump in the middle) so the older dc's can both always get out on the pavement side.

We can also fit 2 Graco high backed boosters and the same Graco Junior Baby (without base) across the back of my Mum's new Astra. They wouldn't go in at all with the base on the baby seat though, so was really surprised that without it they fitted with no buckle crunch and without any of them touching each other. There's not a lot of room to get your hand in to clip and unclip the seatbelt buckles, but once done I am happy they are all safely fitted and I am generally a bit paranoid about car seat safety.

Julesnobrain Mon 19-Apr-10 19:31:51

Landrover Freelander. 2 x maxi prori and 1 x graco booster

badgerhead Mon 19-Apr-10 21:46:33

Kia Sedona, 3 x Britax Eclipse or similar

nicm Tue 20-Apr-10 13:24:02

a vw golf and 3 group 1 car seats! i have a britax two way elite(rf), a maxi cosi priori and a KISS(rf). i can easily change the priori to a rodi sps if i need to.

QuintessentialShadow Tue 20-Apr-10 22:11:32

The peugeot 307 sw.

It has three individual seats in the back. This has an enormous benefit, as you can lie them flat, move forward, etc, at will.

You can either fit two childseats and one adult, or three childseats.

It also comes as a 7 seater, so you can also fit 2 extra seats, in exchange for hardly any boot.

check what a beautiful car.... peugeot 307 sw

iloveasylumseekers Sun 25-Apr-10 20:30:01

Do the seats in the 307 fold into the floor or do you have to take them out and put them in the shed if you need the boot space?

We're expecting no3 and need to buy a new car. I'm surprised there isn't a list anyway of cars which take 3 seats.

We're also trying to decide whether just to go for a seven seater to give us more flexibility with visiting relatives, but we would need the seats to fold into the floor as we don't have off-street parking or anywhere to store car seats.

MonkeyMargot Sun 25-Apr-10 20:49:34

Landrover discovery. Maxicosi (1 x toddler and 2 x newborn seats).

iloveasylumseekers Mon 26-Apr-10 17:04:55

Thanks MM. We don't really need a 4x4, I was thinking more of MPVs or mini MPVs.

BexieID Mon 26-Apr-10 23:50:56

Renault Scenic. 2 Maxi-Cosi Priori XPs and Graaco infant car seat/base.

emkana Mon 26-Apr-10 23:52:23

Honda FRV

Granny23 Mon 26-Apr-10 23:57:21

We also have a Renault Scenic - DGP & DGM in front, 3 x DGC in seats in back + 2 x DDs in pop up seats in boot.

iloveasylumseekers Tue 27-Apr-10 09:13:29

Thanks all. We're going to do some test driving I think.

weblette Tue 27-Apr-10 09:17:03

Another Grand Scenic owner - very happy with it.

mjinhiding Tue 27-Apr-10 09:23:17

Message withdrawn

MissusRabbit Tue 27-Apr-10 09:25:17

VW Touran - love it

m&p baby seat, britax group1 and graco highback booster

BendyBob Tue 27-Apr-10 09:27:14

Xsara Picasso and we had Britax seats.

Clary Tue 27-Apr-10 09:29:49

yy Xsara Picasso.

Cheap as chips too. Agree moosemama, kids can walk thru and get out either side, big plus.

We used 3 x Britax Kids but a Britax cruiser (? the one with its own harness, huge massive thing) also fitted in.

CantSleepWontSleep Tue 27-Apr-10 22:49:13

Landrover discovery. Britax Evolva 2 3 (isofit). Britax duo plus (isofix). Britax Cosy Tot Premium Isofix (rear facing newborn).
2 further seats in 3rd row.

Also Mercedes R Class which has 2 child seats in middle row and can take 2 more in back row (car is 3 rows of 2 seats per row).

CrankyTwanky Thu 29-Apr-10 16:21:33

Volvo V40 Sport.

Mammas & Papas Pro-Sleep
Cheapo booster
Nania group 3 thingy

Really tight squeze.

raindroprhyme Fri 14-May-10 22:50:58

Volvo V70 D5
Besafe izi combi, britax horizon booster, britax advnture

YesIamYourSisterInLaw Sun 01-Jul-12 20:24:31

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fiveonered Sat 21-Jul-12 23:59:58

We have a Nissan Note and we can fit two wide boosters and a Britax evolva 1-2-3, we also managed it with the two boosters and a bebe confort creatis.

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