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Car choices. BMW touring v Audi Avant

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lovelyupnorth Sat 13-Feb-21 21:28:22

I had a Chocie between Audi A6, various BMWs - Lessing deals where insanely good value.

Went for a Skoda Superb. Fantastic car and to me beat the Audi and BM hands down.

JanewaysBun Sun 07-Feb-21 15:18:52

We had a touring 3 series. According to DH it was great to drive, it did however develop expensive faults so I am put off BMW forever!

Elai1978 Tue 26-Jan-21 08:21:07

I’d never buy any VAG product TBH, especially Audi. If in doubt go Honda/Toyota/Lexus.

MattWanksock Mon 25-Jan-21 21:41:49

I also work in the industry. Again, it's down to opinions. I'd always buy a VW over an Audi. Never been impressed by an Audi. I think VW group sit there laughing about how they can make Audi's look basic inside and charge more. Audis look great on the outside. VW also have all the kit on the inside, as standard.

We regularly price up a standard specification vw and added the spec to an Audi of similar ilk and the price difference is ridiculous.

Otherpeoplesteens Mon 25-Jan-21 15:06:58

If you want space and practicality, get a Skoda Superb estate. Top end ones are extremely luxurious too. Reliability is also pretty good, and most owners seem to love them.

Elai1978 Mon 25-Jan-21 12:34:56

If you want luxury and reliablity buy a Lexus.

Is the correct answer of course but OP wants an estate.

JellyBabiesFan Mon 25-Jan-21 12:02:56

If you want luxury and reliablity buy a Lexus.

thisislovelyme Sun 24-Jan-21 22:53:29

DH had BMW A6. I went for Audi. He's still with BMW, I switched to VW. I wouldn't buy Audi again - boring and over priced and my Q5 felt out of date very quickly. I'd go BMW or Volvo.

Elai1978 Sun 24-Jan-21 22:49:20

Don’t expect either to be particularly reliable, the build quality which gave them their reputations is long gone. If you enjoy driving then the BMW is the one to go for, Audis are generally pretty dull, not that modern BMWs are particularly exciting outside of M cars. Maybe include the Volvo V90 in your list as well as an alternative?

Annasgirl Sun 24-Jan-21 21:52:49

We have the A6 Avant. Bought a 2017 one last year. I adore it. I love cars and love driving. It is my favourite (family) car that I’ve ever driven. I used to work in the car industry and so I’ve driven loads of cars. They are sturdy, reliable and also sporty. Ours has leather seats.

There really is no comparison between VW and Audi - having worked in the industry, while the engine and base chassis are the same, the interior finish is completely different and the car ‘feels’ different and drives differently.

I hope this helps.

MattWanksock Sun 24-Jan-21 21:47:02

Yes same group. Passat amd a4 are same platform with a different shell. Can't remember about the a6 but I think it's a bigger platform.

Passat you get a lot for your money.

Kia Optima... even more.

Milkandhoney45 Sun 24-Jan-21 20:48:09

Passat is a interesting idea, they are on the same group as Audi aren’t they?

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MattWanksock Sun 24-Jan-21 20:44:19

They're both top marques and known For strength and reliability. (Though this is apparently going downhill in recent years.) at this level I think you're either one or the other. Ultimately, its about what you prefer in cars. I prefer BMW. Always have. I prefer the layout of the dash and comfort of the car. Ive not had an Audi but test drove a few and they've never evoked my soul enough to drop the cash. You need to test drive.

Just throwing it out there, have you thought about higher spec low brand cars? Such as a Passat? Better kit than an Audi but same engine underneath.

Milkandhoney45 Sun 24-Jan-21 20:27:45

Any advice welcome. We are thinking of finally getting a suitable family car. We have two DC 8 and 9. I was looking at the Audi A6 Avant or the BMW 5 Series Touring as both seem to have lots of space. Want to avoid SUV/4x4s as everyone seems to have them and they seem to command a premium. Does anyone have either of the cars above and how have you found them or any other similar suggestions. Looking to buy nearly new in the next few months.

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