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What does this mean? DVLA

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Fieldofyellowflowers Tue 05-Jan-21 09:17:26

I just got an email from the DVLA saying that my driving licence application has been deferred for validation checks? What does this mean? I passed my driving test nearly 4 years ago and have had a full clean driving licence ever since.

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FatCatThinCat Tue 05-Jan-21 09:18:21


OhWifey Tue 05-Jan-21 09:19:00

It'll be a scam. Ignore. They wouldn't
Email like that

KitKat1985 Tue 05-Jan-21 09:19:03

Are you sure it's a genuine message. Sounds a bit scam-like to me. Don't click any links. If you want to talk to the DVLA about it google their customer service number and discuss with them on that number.

PiggyPlumPie Tue 05-Jan-21 09:19:22

It's a scam - DH had same email last week.

Theunamedcat Tue 05-Jan-21 09:19:47

Sounds like a scam call them? Don't use the number from the email

Fieldofyellowflowers Tue 05-Jan-21 09:20:38

Actually just seen that it was sent by So, scam?

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Fieldofyellowflowers Tue 05-Jan-21 09:22:45

Sorry posted too soon. Definitely a scam. That's a relief in a way. I have enough on my plate without dealing with long winded government processes.

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dozyman Tue 12-Jan-21 17:34:03

Just to add (somewhat belatedly) that the DVLA does not use email addresses as part of its driving licence database, so it won't (actually can't) communicate with you in this way with regard to driving licence matters. (It does have email records with regard to its vehicle registration database though - it seems the two are not linked. So, for example, you might get an email with regard to car tax.) This information comes from my DW who is, of course, a reliable source.

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