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Soph88888 Sun 03-Jan-21 18:25:21

I have a BMW 2 series convertible and a 5 month old baby. We've just about managed for now with her car seat in the back, pram squeezed into the boot and my husband has had to accept leg room is a thing of the past... I'm the only driver and I'm out with baby every day so I need something a bit more practical and spacious but I'm really devastated to be losing my gorgeous car so I'm hoping to find something that will give me the same feeling but with extra practicality!

I'm currently spending around 60 to fill the tank with petrol and I fill up once every 4 weeks or so, so its pretty economical even though I'm out every day and I think the tax was £100something so I don't really want to spend more than that!

Does anyone have any advice on either:

Audi q3
Audi q5
Bmw x1
Bmw x2
Bmw x any others? (Think they maybe out of my price range though..)
I'd consider a Range if someone can convince me they're cheap enough to maintain and run?
And I'm potentially open to consider a different brand, if enough recommendations for it.

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Elai1978 Mon 04-Jan-21 07:11:59

They’re all a bit shit, how about a Lexus NX or RX?

plg21 Mon 04-Jan-21 07:35:19

Do not buy a Range Rover! I've owned a RR Sport for 4 years and it's been a constant headache. Things constantly break, the service departments in the dealer garages are dreadful (I'm basing this on the five local ones I've tried) and you end up having to buy their expensive extended warranty as everything costs so much to fix. My car was in the garage for 2 months (over 6 occasions) in 2019.

It's a beautiful car to drive but, whenever I'm sat in the garage with the other disgruntled RR owners sorting out repairs, I feel sad for the people buying their shiny new ones in the showroom. My local independent garage warned me not to buy one and they were absolutely right, never again.

plg21 Mon 04-Jan-21 07:37:21

My friend has one of the new Volvo SUVs and it's very nice inside. I owned an XC90 and it was trouble free to own and run, although the turning circle was rubbish.

RosesAndHellebores Mon 04-Jan-21 07:45:03

I think you might have to consider substance over style op taking into account the life stage you are at and potentially a growing family.

Have a look at the Honda, Mazda, Hyundai or Skoda ranges.

When DC were small (grown up now) I worked through a Citroën Picasso and Ford SMax and ran both for 10 years.

NastyBlouse Mon 04-Jan-21 07:58:37

Highly recommend Lexus. My dad has an RX, that might be a bit big for what you need so maybe look at an NX or a UX.

Lexus reliability and quality is fantastic and the customer service at the dealerships is superb.

My friend has a BMW X3. It’s alright, very fast. But his two teenagers struggle to get comfortable in the back. The X1 is very tight inside, won’t be much more spacious than your 2 Series really (although configured differently). They fit better in his wife’s Volvo XC60, which is a nicer car all round IMO.

SIL with two young kids has a Skoda Octavia estate. Theirs is very old but the principle has remained the same up to the current ones and for a 15-year-old car it’s been extremely reliable.

Don’t get a Range Rover, horrible things.

Elai1978 Mon 04-Jan-21 11:02:13

My friend has a BMW X3. It’s alright, very fast.

That depends of course which particular variant. You can get fast X3s, slow ones and some in between.

NastyBlouse Mon 04-Jan-21 12:42:08


*My friend has a BMW X3. It’s alright, very fast.*

That depends of course which particular variant. You can get fast X3s, slow ones and some in between.

Oh yes, missed that bit


Elai1978 Mon 04-Jan-21 12:53:39

Oh yes, missed that bit


The only one worth considering

SendHelp30 Mon 04-Jan-21 12:55:53

I used to have a Q5 and now have a RR sport. Never have issues with either.

SendHelp30 Mon 04-Jan-21 12:57:23

Oh and I use around £30 per week in diesel for the RR, about the same for the Q5. Tax is around £170 I think? Sorry can’t remember. Both lovely cars to drive.

GingerBeverage Mon 04-Jan-21 13:03:04

Certainly would not be choosing a diesel.

Elai1978 Mon 04-Jan-21 13:03:48

Oh and I use around £30 per week in diesel for the RR, about the same for the Q5

Probably helps to know if you do 50 miles per week round town or 500 miles per week up and down motorways

TheFairyCaravan Mon 04-Jan-21 13:08:24

We’ve got a BMW 220 active tourer. It’s a really lovely car to drive and the boot is huge too, it fits my wheelchair and shopping. It’s really economical despite being an automatic but it’s a diesel. I love it.

SendHelp30 Mon 04-Jan-21 13:09:21

I provided the same amount of detail as the OP

FWIW I do city miles, probably around 100 miles per week
We use DH car at the weekend

LadyFlumpalot Mon 04-Jan-21 13:12:09

Subaru! I've got a 15+ WRX STI and it's the best thing ever. It's sturdy, planted and feels safe as houses but it makes me giggle whenever I accelerate. The boot and interior are bigger than the husbands Volvo S40 and the insurance is surprisingly little (ok, tax and fuel costs are astronomical).

Honestly, I'm very happy with it, and I'm a fussy little petrolhead.

movingonup20 Mon 04-Jan-21 13:15:46

Mazda I can recommend. I can get 45 to the gallon which is brilliant for a 2litre engine. Super reliable, it's my 5th Mazda. Showroom was brilliant during lockdown when I needed to buy

newmummy8789 Mon 04-Jan-21 13:21:00

I have a BMW x2 hybrid.
Love it!
Perfect for the car seat and plenty of room for pram and dog in the boot.
Due to nightly charging I fill it up once a month often getting 300-400 miles per tank of petrol which is about £35.
Surprisingly fast, my last car was a GTI and this isn't much slower.

newmummy8789 Mon 04-Jan-21 13:21:37

Sorry it's an x1 hybrid not x2 confused

WobbliHead3000 Mon 04-Jan-21 13:22:23

We have an x1 with an 18 month old. It’s big enough for the 3 of us and comfortably fits quite a big buggy in the boot (bugaboo fox).
We went from an 4-series, to this and whilst it’s not super glam, my back no longer hurts and I lover the higher seating position.

Looking back in hindsight, I probably would/should have got the X3 purely for the better finish and fixtures... maybe next time.
My sister has a Range Rover evoque and it spends so much time in the shop even though it’s only from 2019!! If you do get a Range Rover then get a proper one... not an evoque.

I really like the Volvo xc range of cars so maybe check those out.

Onedropbeat Mon 04-Jan-21 13:32:42

I have a golf gti and it’s fast, and spacious.
It’s 5 doors and as practical as any car as I’d need.

I wouldn’t be seen in any SUV , just not a fan or for me

Elai1978 Mon 04-Jan-21 13:43:49

I have a golf gti and it’s fast, and spacious.

Not sure I’d describe it as fast. I certainly wouldn’t want to own anything slower!

Tyke2 Mon 04-Jan-21 13:47:52

We have both a Q5 and a Q3. Both 2 litre diesel.
The Q3 is really nice to drive. Nippy and comfortable. 50mpg
The Q5 is heavier and less economical. 44mpg
We had an evoque and it kept breaking and only got 32 mpg.

Changi Mon 04-Jan-21 13:50:07

Certainly would not be choosing a diesel.

That link suggests that buying a diesel isn't as much of a no no as your post suggests.

Changi Mon 04-Jan-21 13:50:42

Apologies for the suggest fest.

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