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Electric cars - GCSE project - questionnaire

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MatMal Tue 15-Dec-20 08:43:34

Dear all,

I am a GCSE student doing a research project about 'To what extent will electric cars change transportation and the effect on the environment by 2030'. As part of it, I need to gather the opinion of the public so I have prepared a questionnaire for you to complete.

I guarantee all answers are anonymous and confidential.

Please follow the link below to participate.

I will post the results in the new year, thank you for your help.

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1940s Tue 15-Dec-20 09:20:38


Lightsabre Tue 15-Dec-20 09:59:41

Done but just to let you know q6 didn't show the drop down options just the comments box.

Best of luck with your GCSE

Funf Thu 17-Dec-20 19:38:32


BackforGood Thu 17-Dec-20 19:58:34

I would like to help, and have submitted, but don't seem to fit into all of the answers......

Q1 - I don't use ANY form of transport on a DAILY basis. I do have a car and use it a few times a week but not every day. I occasionally use the bus or train and I walk where I can.
I found Q 7 a bit confusing and wouldn't be surprised if you get people answering the wrong way as it is counter-intuitive (the most important being the bottom of the list, and labelled 5) {or is that just me?}. Same with the other 'ordering' one.

Not intended as a criticism - hope the pointers are helpful. I wish you well with your project.

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