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Kia eNiro vs Hyundai Ioniq vs Nissan Leaf e+ Any advice?

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ThunderSkies Sat 14-Nov-20 17:40:39

I’ve ruled out the Hyundai Kona as being far too small and the egolf as having too short a range (plus it's small).

Now I’m left with 3 very different cars...

Hyundai Ioniq: For: good size boot, space and price. Against: 38kw battery and only 170 mile range.

Nissan Leaf 3+: For: 62kw battery and 226 mile range. Against: size? Reviews aren’t amazing.

Kia eNiro: For: looks and size, 239 miles and 64kw battery. Against: price, maybe not as big as Ioniq, even though it looks bigger.

Does anyone have experience of these cars?

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LadyEloise Sun 31-Jan-21 10:18:05

Bumping for you.

LadyEloise Thu 04-Feb-21 10:27:19

Bumping again. Odd that there are no replies. Usually Mumsnetters are very helpful and informative.

AnotherEmma Thu 04-Feb-21 10:31:05

When I was car shopping I looked at the Ioniq and the eNiro, much much preferred the eNiro. The Ioniq is a bit... weird looking and low in the back, really limited head room for passengers. The eNiro is great, expensive but I liked how much cabin space there was. Boot isn't huge, average size I guess, but depends what you need it for and what your priorities are.

I'd get a used (nearly new) eNiro if i were you - if you can find one smile

popcorndiva Thu 04-Feb-21 10:32:34

When I upgrade my car next year I am going for a Kia Eniro. Seems the best rated in reviews and larger than the majority of electric cars as I will have 2 children by then both still in car seats

teaandbiscuitsforme Sat 06-Feb-21 11:03:41

We're due an E Niro next month - excited to get it! We have 2 DC in HBB, just out of harnessed seats, and a dog. I am a bit concerned about boot size as our current car is massive but DH is right that these days, the boot doesn't carry that much around. Not like when we used to have the double travel system and all the baby junk!

We do travel reasonable distances to visit family and we do have some U.K. breaks (in normal times!). I think we'll be using our roof box whenever we go away for more than a weekend. I'm not concerned about charging with the range of the e Niro other than when we go to our usual coastal spot in Wales. There are hardly any charging points there!

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