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any thoughts/ideas on the cause of this leak?

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happytodayhappytomorrow Mon 09-Nov-20 16:52:38

Mini Clubman. 2017 plate.
The water is in the very bottom of the boot. The bottom boot shelf is damp and there are puddles of water in the very bottom, under the bottom shelf.
The top shelf, the one that is level to where the boot doors open is not damp.

I was hit from behind about 6 weeks ago.
I believe that this leak was either caused by the accident or by the repair, although how I do not know how. All I can say for sure is that as I use my boot pretty much daily, I would have noticed the smell of damp coming from the car if it had been present before the accident.

Any thoughts/ideas very gratefully received.


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EasternDailyStress Mon 09-Nov-20 16:54:57

DS had a similar problem and it turned out to be the seal round the rear light that was leaking.

Might be worth checking?

BluebellsGreenbells Mon 09-Nov-20 16:56:21

Could be anywhere. You need the seals checking all round the car. They can perish and no longer function.

happytodayhappytomorrow Mon 09-Nov-20 17:06:59

Thank you for the replies.
It's going back to the garage who did the accident repair but they are telling me that it wouldn't have been caused by the accident or their repair work. I've got to trust them to do the necessary tests and tell me the truth huh?

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Dawnlassie Mon 09-Nov-20 20:58:46

If it was not leaking/damp before the accident then bm guess is the rapair. I cannot see a 3 year old car randomly springing a leak. If they are not playing ball then perhaps try contacting your insurer.

Burnthurst187 Thu 12-Nov-20 21:50:36

I've had one or two cars leak water around the rear light unit. When we have vehicles in at work with a water leak we put a hose pipe on them and then check inside the vehicle. Could you do this and get in the boot!?

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