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Attempted Rip Off By Garage

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SilverLiningSearching Tue 03-Nov-20 01:40:24

My handbrake snapped, took it to my usual garage which actually has (had) a good reputation.

They had the car all day then called 10 mins before closing to say that my car was not safe to drive and the whole break system needed ‘rebuilding’ it would cost £900. I felt pressured to make a decision, I asked what would be the minimum to pay for the car to be safe? I was told £750, but that would only be enough for the very short term.

The garage had done MOT 3rd March 2020, I couldn’t understand how my car ( albeit 10 yrs old) had deteriorated so quickly, I told my friend and she recommended another garage, which was 5 mins away from the garage I had left my car.

The upshot was that the second garage quoted me £298 for handbrake cable and some other brake work.

I am so angry, anyone complained to Trading Standards about a dodgy garage?

Should add that the second garage is a member of the Foxy Scheme which I was unaware of previously. I am massively thankful to have swerved this swindle I am a single parent so £900 for a repair is huge.

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Dawnlassie Tue 03-Nov-20 16:29:20

It only takes a second for a handbrake cable to snap. At the MOT they look at the handbrakes degree of travel and the mountings. Its completely plausible that they were acceptable at the MOT and have now failed.

What is the other brakework they are doing? £298 is still expensive to replace the cable.

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