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Has anyone sold a car recently?

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Parkandride Sun 01-Nov-20 09:19:09

Had one SORNed for months and have decided we'll go down to 1 car.

However is everyone having the same idea?

Its getting on a bit now so would be your typically first car purchase I imagine, but again are dirivng lessons and tests getting cancelled and driving down demand?

There's a big difference between the likes of webuyanycar (£2k) say and what's on autoloader (£4k+

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Parkandride Sun 01-Nov-20 09:21:15

Posted too soon

* whats on autotrader (£4k+) but are they just not shifting!

Just trying to decide if its worth putting time and effort in or if we'll waste a month of its remaining MOT and end up getting rid cheap.

Any recent experiences?

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Balloondog Sun 01-Nov-20 09:36:58

We sold our second car just yesterday for similar reasons, it was just sitting on our drive costing money in insurance, tax etc.
We looked on auto trader where similar cars were listed at £10-12K but we've been thinking about this for a while so have been watching and can see that most haven't sold so I'm guessing that the one or two that did didn't fetch anything like that price.
We have been in local lockdown/tier 3 for months so that was an added reason for not wanting numerous people coming to view/test drive.
We ended up taking it round the dealers like Evans Halshaw, Arnold Clark, Mercedes and went with the best offer. We probably could have got another £500 selling it privately but it could have taken us 3 months in which case we'd have paid the difference anyway in costs!

Parkandride Sun 01-Nov-20 16:21:12

Thanks @Balloondog I wonder how many are in this same situation! Interesting that you saw stuff not shifting on autotrader.
Not sure the dealer will want this one as its pretty high mileage but we'll get it cleaned up and see how he looks

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AmandaHoldensLips Sun 01-Nov-20 16:31:12

Sold my car a couple of weeks ago and for similar reasons sold it to a dealer. Accepted 1k less than its value just to get shot of it. Very glad I did, because it's still listed up for sale with the dealer.

Also I totally couldn't be arsed with tyre-kicker types coming to the house, wasting my time and making silly offers.

Burnthurst187 Tue 03-Nov-20 07:39:10

Put an MOT on it and sell to We Buy Any Car?

You can get a quote beforehand on the website. Just put that you have an MOT though

Selling a car with an MOT will be peace of mind for the buyer. We got a really good price from WBAC recently, turn up and ten mins later walk away with cash

Parkandride Tue 03-Nov-20 09:58:25

Thanks @AmandaHoldensLips the idea of fielding phone calls and having people come see it is not appealing, I don't even know how you'd do test drives in lockdown. Glad you got yours sorted

Had a chat with my usual mechanic yesterday and he does a bit of buying and selling so is going to get a price for me, fingers crossed as that would ideal

Yeah think if we do sell privately it needs its MOT @burnthurst187 I would want one! Just have to hope it goes through ok. WBAC is definitely an option but they'd paused bookings over lockdown just need to see if that's temporary while they figure things out

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