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Skoda Kodiak vs Subaru Forester - or something else??

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MrsAvocet Sat 24-Oct-20 23:11:34

I'm looking for a new (to me!) car at the moment. Non negotiable features are that it needs to be an automatic as I've got problems with my left leg, must be 4wd as we live off the beaten track, needs to have lots of interior space for lugging bikes, bulky sports kit etc around and be a decent tow vehicle. My old car is a Nissan X Trail that I had for a long time and have basically driven into the ground. It suited me perfectly and I did originally think I would replace with the newer version. However, it is a lot more sophisticated but nowhere near as practical as my old one, so we have discounted that. I'm looking to spend around £25k on something about 3 years old. So far, the Skoda Kodiak and Subaru Forester are at the top of my shortlist but I'm open to other suggestions.
Has anyone got a Kodiak or Forester? What do you like or dislike about them? Or can anyone suggest any alternatives? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Elai1978 Sun 25-Oct-20 08:27:04

I’d choose the Forester out of the two, Subarus are generally quite rugged, VAG products are generally shit.

NastyBlouse Sun 25-Oct-20 09:51:54

I would definitely err towards the Subaru. My uncle is rural and he's had Subarus for over 20 years.

My only other suggestion is another Subaru -- the Outback. Worth comparing with the Forester to see if the different-shaped load bay and slightly different interior are more your thing.

I miss the old X-Trail too, it was a shame when they went all soft-roader with the current one.

MrsAvocet Sun 25-Oct-20 21:13:21

Thanks both.
The Outback was also on the shortlist NastyBlouse and I quite liked it. However they seem to be very hard to get hold of second hand - I can't find any within a remotely reasonable distance of us. There's not many Foresters around either in fact. I wonder if people hang onto them longer compared to soft roaders. (I've never heard that phrase before but its brilliant!)
Part of my problem is that what I really want is my old X -Trail reincarnated but I know I won't find that! I loved it and keep comparing everything else to it unfavourably . It was reliable, unpretentious and I transported everything from bales of hay to bikes in the back with no problem. And there were times when I was the only person to get off our lane onto the main road in bad weather, prompting an oft quoted comment when my husband said "The X- Trail 4 wheel drive system isn't actually that good on paper" and I replied "but its bloody brilliant on snow!" grin
Its a shame that they've turned what was a really useful utilitarian vehicle into school run "look alike" but that's life. Sounds like a Forester might be the next best thing, if I can find one for the right price.

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