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Missing my car

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fuxis Fri 23-Oct-20 21:09:40

I'm not even like this vehicle is actually feel depressed I’m going through that point atm, got a Nissan Juke with a cvt gearbox, it’s just so bad, it’s ugly, it’s too bulky, it’s * too drive, the gearbox is utter dog shite, it’s slow and it’s not really that practical for what it is. I like driving, I normally drive a Ford Focus mk2 facelift and that is honestly a great car and love driving it but with this Nissan Juke I just want to park it up and go home. I have found out as well that my focus isn’t going to be back for another few weeks yet and that just makes me feel worse. I know depressed is strong word to use but this car is actually making me feel down, I just hate it and actually just want my car back. I think this is the worst car I ever driven.

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toiletpaper Sun 01-Nov-20 00:44:16

I had a Nissan Juke as a courtesy car when my Golf R was in for warranty work. Worst car I've ever driven and worst clutch I've ever used. I must have stalled it at least 20 times in the 8/9 days my Golf was in. And my Golf was manual it's not even like I went from a dsg box to a manual! Hopefully you've got the focus back now smile

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