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Paint splattered all over my car, help?

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yogibear9 Sat 17-Oct-20 00:00:59

Is it something that I need to worry about or will it come off in the car wash on Monday?

I was driving home earlier today and I heard a thudder and assumed it was bird poo. Didn't think anything of it until now as I just went out quicky to take the recycling and noticed there's paint spots all over the bonnet/windshield/right wing mirror. I've rubbed some of it off but there are other drops to and it's hard to see in the dark.

I'm on a course all day tomorrow then working on Sunday so can't take the car for a wash until Monday. Will it come off? I remember reading about something similar happening to another person and they had to pay £100 to have the car resprayed envy just panicking a bit.

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Burnthurst187 Mon 19-Oct-20 19:54:38

My dad's neighbour was spray painting his garden fence and it went over my white car. Luckily it was water based and came straight off with a normal wash. Hopefully your car will have something similar

If not, you may need to speak to a specialist valeter/detailer

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