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Car alarm going off after locking

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mummyof4kids Fri 16-Oct-20 22:48:11

Hi everyone not sure if anyone can help or relate but here goes.
I have a Renault Megane and for the last few days the alarm has been going off when I lock the car. I'll turn the alarm off, a few minutes later it heroines again,
I've had it to my local garage today and they said it has to go to the Renault dealership to be repaired. I asked them for a quote and they told me until they do the diagnostic they won't know.
Has anyone else had this problem and what did it cost you?

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mummyof4kids Fri 16-Oct-20 22:49:24

Goes off again not heroines

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Elieza Fri 16-Oct-20 22:56:54

Have you tried the Megan owners club or somesuch website? These car sites are handy. They are usually knowledgeable and helpful. I’ve got a different car right enough but that would be my first port of call.

If that’s no use at least I’ve bumped this for you!

mummyof4kids Sat 17-Oct-20 08:56:42

Thanks I've posted in the Megane owners club and they suggested disconnecting the alarm, the garage said as it's a factory fitted alarm it can't be disconnected without immobilising the car

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Elieza Sat 17-Oct-20 12:06:53

Post that message back to the mean club and see what they suggest?

It’s so frustrating when things go wrong in cars lol.

Elieza Sat 17-Oct-20 12:07:43

Mean club, I mention Megan club.

Surely someone will know what causes that if it’s a common fault.

mummyof4kids Sat 17-Oct-20 15:49:34

I've managed temporarily fix it until I can get it into Renault to fix. I've manually locked the doors instead of using the fob and it seems to be working so far

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Dawnlassie Mon 19-Oct-20 19:47:58

How old is the car? Might have a possibility if its an old one.

Xiaoxiong Mon 19-Oct-20 20:33:01

Could it be the fob? I used to have a fob where after being dropped in water, the lock and unlock buttons would sometimes be reversed. Maybe pressing the lock button is activating the alarm instead because the wires are crossed or something.

mummyof4kids Mon 02-Nov-20 17:06:35

Sorry just seen the replies. It's a 14 year old car and I've had the fob checked and that's fine

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Dawnlassie Sun 08-Nov-20 00:49:26

Open the boot and have a look at the wiring loom at comes out of the car and into the boot. It will look like a sort of plastic pipe and it contains lots of wired. If you frequently use the boot this might have split and be causing the wires to short on eachother. I used to have a hatchback and this exact thing happened.

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