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Mitsubishi Outlander Plug In Hybrid

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bonjourem Tue 13-Oct-20 10:41:06

I want to get a plug in hybrid for my next car, really need an SUV as I have a 2 young DC.

I've been looking at the Mitsubishi Outlander. Seems to tick all the boxes, but I'd love to hear from those who own/have owned one? Pros and cons? Or any recommendations for similar plug ins.

Thank you!

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Ariela Tue 13-Oct-20 10:54:04

Mitsubishi are withdrawing from the UK market
Whilst that's not such an issue now, I believe that it will affect long term re-sale value. So depends how you are buying this car.
(It is a great car, we were looking to purchase one, but have decided not to because of this, wouldn't need to touch finance, PCP etc as we have the cash and do the miles, but obviously not everyone is in the same boat) .

thenightsky Tue 13-Oct-20 10:57:35

@Ariela We didn't buy the Outlander for the same reasons as you. But then I checked the owners' reviews on a car website and they were pretty poor, so that just reinforced the decisions.

We've gone with a Rav4 now.

Ariela Tue 13-Oct-20 11:42:13

We're undecided now! But one of my brothers has an all electric Nissan

He likes the fact you can shuffle the seats about to take the bikes, the sports kit, the dog etc etc. And finds the charging time is good for the mileage he does.

FartingInTheFence Tue 13-Oct-20 11:47:09

Get a RAV4 or CRV.

Both are bigger (certainly in the CRVs case) than the dogshit Mitsubishi.

Cheap, nasty interiors too on Outlanders, and with the company pulling out of all UK sales etc, expect values to plummet faster than a flushed turd.

bonjourem Tue 13-Oct-20 12:49:49

Thank you for that @Ariela very interesting and does change things.

I had read some reviews but good to know what 'real people' think - it does make a difference.

Really like the CRV and RAV4 (both good price and great size) but don't think either come in plug in? I'm thinking a plug in over a self charge as I do short journeys multiple times a day.

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Ariela Tue 13-Oct-20 13:53:20

My brother and his wife do masses of small trips - school run, walk the dog, to the shops, to various after school and sporting activities - and it's great for that. They also do longer runs down to the coast or off somewhere cycling, all perfectly do-able as it does a lot of miles on a full charge.
I think the only slightly irritating thing on a really long trip is always getting the calculator out to work out where next to stop - but there are a lot more charging stations about now.

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