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Renault zoe gt charging problems

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Queenie8 Sat 10-Oct-20 10:25:56

I took delivery of my Renault Zoe mid July, charged it as and when it got to around 40 miles range left, achieving approx 235-240 mile range from the full charge.

I then did the update that was required on 4/9/2020, since then I have been only achieving 135-160 mile range, the car displays that the car is fully charged to 100%.

I have booked the car into Renault for investigation, but the service department are at a loss for the reason and haven't had any other Zoe's with the same problem.

My other half has an E-Golf and hasn't had any issues charging, so I am certain it's not a charger or electric supply issue.

Has anyone else had issues?

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FartingInTheFence Sat 10-Oct-20 19:01:18

If the car is under warranty, as it sounds like it is - you could reject it and ask for a replacement.

No harm in going down that route if they cant fix it.

CheshireSplat Sat 10-Oct-20 19:07:28

I've never got anywhere near 240, can do about 195 on a hot day when I'm nursing it. Bowling along the motorway will be around 110-140.

What speed are you driving it? The temperatures have really dropped recently..... have you got the heating on?

My battery actually went kaput after a year or so but my car was at some specialist centre in Wolverhampton for a few weeks. The local Renault garage were absolutely clueless.

There's a great forum called Speak EV where there may be more knowledgeable people.

I didn't have to do any type of update. 18 reg.

Queenie8 Sat 10-Oct-20 21:17:19

Thanks for the replies. For clarification the car is brand new. The first 4 or 5 charges achieved 240/239/235.

My workplace is 7 miles away and 5 miles are dual carriageway and then town driving, so lots of breaking and recovering mileage.

My issue is that when I charge the car, I'm not getting anything above 160 mile range at full charge. This has only been since I did the update.

I know that using the air con and heating zaps the battery as does driving at high speed. I also don't expect to achieve the full 245 miles when using the car.

I lease the car, so hopefully it will be fixed or replaced. But I can't have the car in the garage and no replacement. The local dealer can't give me a courtesy car until 4th November at the earliest, so I have borrowed my dad's car for next week.

I just wanted to see if it was a Zoe known issue.

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CheshireSplat Sat 10-Oct-20 23:59:45

queenie is that range what you're actually getting or is it what the range is stated to be when fully charged. It seems to be based on how you last drove the car, so when we charge it after DH has driven it recently it's high (he keeps it on eco), but when I've driven it, it's much lower. blush

Ours was with Renault for about 6 weeks while they tried to sort our battery and we got a courtesy car, and I insisted on them paying all our fuel charges over that time and they did, so keep the receipts!

Good luck. Worth popping to Speak EV to see if this is a known problem.

Queenie8 Sun 11-Oct-20 09:35:33

@CheshireSplat it's the fully charged range.

Oooooh that's a good shout about fuel. Hopefully it's a glitch in the update and fixable quickly. I'm not prepared to have a courtesy car for six weeks, hopefully the lease company will be able to just replace it. But I have a feeling that this might turn into a saga 🙈

I'll have a look at Speak EV.

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Queenie8 Tue 13-Oct-20 14:29:05

Well, well, well, my car has been to Renault today. I have had a call and apparently the car needed the trip meter resetting, and the car forgets how it had been driven for the last 125 miles and reverts back to the normal range. Renault now send out service videos, and the dashboard is showing 227 mile range.

I had no idea that this was a 'thing', and no one told me, nor did I see it in the manual, which I did read.

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