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Electric car charger

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LJanetS Mon 21-Sep-20 17:10:09

Had a 30 amp car charger installed by a company specialising in this service.
My electrician has been out to finish some work and wanted to make sure that it had been logged with Western Power?
We checked with the fitting company and they replied
We did not have to complete any forms for Western Power prior to your installation as there was no requirement for a fuse upgrade and the supply was sufficient.

We did however complete a NICEIC test certificate for the installation, which I have attached for your reference.
He mentioned car chargers could be disconnected if western power have not given permission?
He’s a genuine bloke and not after any extra work, he’s just concerned we will have to have it remove.
The 30 amp charger is on a 60 amp circuit.

Would western power really remove/ cut through a car charger?

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