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New Family Car

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MGEORGE Sun 10-Feb-19 16:14:04

I am currently looking for a new car big enough to fit 2 cars seats in the back. Needs to have a large boot to fit a pram and shopping in. Any suggestions?

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Sun 10-Feb-19 16:16:53

I would say most cars fit 2 car seats. If you already have your pram and are attached to it, make sure you take it along to any test drives and ensure it fits.

Chickpearocker Sun 10-Feb-19 16:18:36

Subaru Forester or outback? 4 wheel drive, depends on where you live what kind of lifestyle I suppose.

Bluebell9 Sun 10-Feb-19 16:19:07

We've just got a skoda superb estate as we needed to be able to fit 3 kids in the back, 2 in car seats and the boot is huge. We've got a dog so needed to be able to fit a pram and dog in it.
DP did loads of research and lots came out top for so many reasons.

Lwmommy Sun 10-Feb-19 16:23:12

I have a 5 door nissan micra which has room for 2 seats in the back and a surprisingly spacious boot.

Do you have any.other requirements:

- Age
- Engine size
- Shape - hachback, estate etc
- Pricepoint
- Insurance group
- Road tax group

HJWT Sun 10-Feb-19 16:48:44

Seat Altea XL

Phillipa12 Sun 10-Feb-19 16:53:40

I have a kia ceed sportswagon, its a small estate car, plenty big enough for what you are looking for and cheap to run.

CruelAndUnusualParenting Sun 10-Feb-19 20:37:00

Skoda Octavia

BlueChampagne Thu 14-Feb-19 13:46:26

Skoda Octavia or Superb. Or even Fabia estate.

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