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I’ve got 10k to spend on a family car + small runaround

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DrunkenUnicorn Wed 06-Feb-19 14:49:23

Wondering if anyone had any sensible suggestions please.

We currently have one car, a Citroen grande Picasso and borrow a second from a family member. Unfortunately they need it back within the next month so trying to work out the most cost effective way to proceed.

The Citroen is currently on one of those schemes where we’ve been paying a monthly amount and in April we can pay a lump sum, £8.7k and keep the car or hand it back and walk away.

We were initially leaning towards buying the car as we have gone over the mileage allowance and will be stung hard I think (will need to investigate exactly how much this will cost is as it may make the decision for us).

Originally when we were looking, it seemed as if the car would be worth just over 9k, so seemed sensible to buy it even if we immediately sold it. However, double checking with multiple sites in the past week say that it’s probably worth around the repayment fee. So wondering if actually we’d be better off walking away and starting again with the money we’ve been saving to pay off, plus an extra 1k we have in savings, so around 10k.

This idea is looking more useful now that we now need to acquire a second car, as we can split the 10k 70/30 for eg and get a runaround and a family car.

The second only needs to be small. It will be used by my husband to drive to the station and back every day (7miles round trip) and at the weekend for local journeys when we’re both busy taking kids to activities etc.

We have three kids plus dogs and are fairly outdoorsy (we all end up rather muddy!). So family car needs to have a decent boot and spacious rear seats. Middle child is no longer in a booster, just one toddler in an ERF seat to accommodate. Usually it’s just me and kids in car, so the teenager can go in the front, but once a week or so we will all pile in so I’d like to avoid arguements over who’s taking up more than their share. So individual seats like we currently have would be great but we don’t need such a big boot as no longer use a big 3 wheeler pram. We previously had a Kia ceed and a similar sized boot would be fine.

The family car will do a fair amount of all sorts of driving, local rural lanes, a 15mile round trip on the motorway everyday too, plus the occasional long motorway trip visiting family. It needs to be reliable as I’m on my own with the kids a lot.

Ideally we are not looking to take on any finance as my husband is looking to change career and will result in a drop in income.

If anyone has any ideas on cars to look at I’d be grateful. Thanks

CruelAndUnusualParenting Wed 06-Feb-19 16:09:37

If the Grand Picasso still suits you and it has been reliable then why take the risk of changing it for an unknown car?

For a small car to potter around in locally avoid diesels. Something "Japanese" and not too new, so not too expensive, would be a good bet. A Toyota Yaris, maybe?

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