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A car with 2 seats that can turn round and face the back?

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Vanessa301 Fri 01-Feb-19 15:50:49

DH is about to get rid of our 2006 Seat Alhambra which is a Ford Galaxy lookalike. He removed the third row seats, so now it has got

1) 2 front seats both of which can turn round and face the back
2) 3 second-row seats, each of which can fold and slide
3) no third-row seats

So it's ideal for turning into a living room and for carting luggage about.

He's looking at various possibilities for a new car, but if I insist on anything it must be that it meets the above three criteria, and of those the most important is that the two front seats should be able to swivel round and face the back.

Does someone know whether there are any new or newish models that fit the bill? I don't care whether it's an MPV or 4x4 or comes with some other natty description, or it has or doesn't have a sunroof, or the back doors hinge open or slide, or anything like that.

At the moment, the only possible models I've found (and I'm not even sure that these two fit the bill) are the VW Caravelle (or some other version of the VW "hippy bus made into a car that looks like a van") and the Mercedes Viano, both of which look huge (and van-like) compared to the SEAT Alhambra which is still quite a big car.

Surely we're not the only family that has been known to treat the car like a wendy house? smile

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