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Evoque Hybrid

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vitaminsmoothie Thu 17-Jan-19 20:30:36

Live very rurally, although have a workhorse pickup too.
I've always been a bit anti RR but DH is super keen. To be fair, neither of knows much about cars.
Any opinions?

CatnissEverdene Thu 17-Jan-19 20:37:52

Can you arrange a 48 hour test drive? We had ours for a weekend and it was a really good learning curve, gave us a much better idea of what we needed the car to do and what spec to go for.

We've got a Landmark edition Evoque and it's a fab car - DH uses it mostly but it's got us safely out of a few scrapes in our very rural hamlet where sadly every access road is a blinking hill. No experience of the Hybrid though, sorry.

vitaminsmoothie Thu 17-Jan-19 20:48:13

Thanks Cat, I think we will.
Do you enjoy driving the car and what about visibility through the back?

CatnissEverdene Thu 17-Jan-19 21:20:26

It's a great car to drive - the cab is really well laid out, and the whole car is really comfy. We've got an automatic too, with the Sport option so you can add a little more power. It's very simple to use all the controls and we both did the RR off road driving course which really helped how to use all the different traction settings and driving through water etc. The cruise control is really simple to use too, and DH uses that a lot. It's a joy on the motorway as well as on local lanes.

I've not noticed an issue with visibility - there is a reversing camera that we tend to use rather than looking through the back window. We're really pleased with ours, and DH had it for 48 hours as well as a Lexus (we hated) and a BMW X5. Overall the RR just felt such better quality and level of equipment for the money.

vitaminsmoothie Thu 17-Jan-19 21:57:17

Well thank you, it really sounds worth a test.

FartingInTheFence Fri 18-Jan-19 04:23:48

LOL at RR being "better quality".

I wouldnt touch one with a 50ft shitty stick. Unreliable pieces of crap and hideous repair bills.

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