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Volvo xc60

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mando12345 Tue 15-Jan-19 18:34:46

We are in the market for a brand new car and after test driving a few the Volvo is our favourite. However we were a bit put off by the dealer actually lying to us, we asked about buying an extended warranty when buying the car and he said we could buy an additional 3 years for another £899 and it would be an extension of the full volvo warranty not an insurance backed product, we thought this was a good deal bearing in mind all the kit on the Volvo and said so at the time. We asked for email confirmation of this warranty, nothing turned up. We popped into the dealership yesterday and asked him about it, he denied having mentioned it and said we must have got confused with another dealer!!

Both my husband and I were present for both conversations, neither of us pulled him up, what would be the point. Obviously we won't be buying through him now, however it has put me off the car now, having done some research on extended warranties and read some horror stories on the internet.

I would appreciate your experiences of owning an xc60 good and bad, to help us decide whether to buy.

MrsPerfect12 Fri 01-Feb-19 16:46:05

I'm looking at an XC60 too. Mainly for the inbuilt boosters. Need to see in the flesh tho and make sure my teen will fit in the middle okay.
My friend has one and loves it.

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