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Kia Sportage front parking sensors

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Willow4987 Mon 14-Jan-19 18:12:31

I’ve had front parking sensors fitted to my 65 plate sportage and I don’t believe they’re working properly

They are intermittently beeping when driving along the road with either cars going past or not at all (single track roads, dual carriageways and motorways), sometimes not beeping at all when parking and it’s all very random in when it happens

I’ve tried looking for a pattern but there really isn’t one

It’s been back to the garage who’ve said they are working fine and are supposed to beep when driving along the road - which to me sounds ridiculous. They effectively said that if a car was to drive past me it will beep - which means it’s beeping all the time. I also don’t think they believe me as it didn’t do it when they took for a drive around the block (it’s so random that it doesn’t always do it - also why I think it’s broken as it’s not consistent with what it beeps at)

Fair enough if this is how they’re supposed to work (although I’ve never been in another car with sensors that do this), however it’s not even consistent in what it beeps for - passing cars sometimes but not always, random lampposts, invisible obstacles etc

Additionally the beep is so loud that when I’m reversing I now can’t hear the back sensors (which don’t behave like the front ones and are fine)

Has anyone else had this experience? Is this just what they are like? If so I’ve just paid hundreds of pounds for a nice orange light as they’re now turned off

Any guidance or experience is much appreciated

concernedforthefuture Mon 14-Jan-19 18:17:45

I have a Kia C'eed and there's a switch for the front sensors. You're only meant to turn them on when you're parking (not for driving as such). Not sure if this is the same for a Sportage but can't see why it would be different. I accidentally left the switch on once and it scared the sh*t out of me when it started beeping when I passed close to some grass poking out a hedge (I live in the sticks and most of the roads out here are v narrow!). I can't imagine that could ever be the norm.

concernedforthefuture Mon 14-Jan-19 18:19:46

Meant to add that mine were fitted at the Kia dealership and they told me to only switch them on when using them to park.

Willow4987 Mon 14-Jan-19 18:33:18

Thanks! Mine only mentioned this when I took it back in after they had been fitted

If this how they are meant to work it sounds really strange to me. Every other car I’ve been in keeps them on and they turn on/off automatically when you get to a certain speed hmm

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