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VW lightbulb warning

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homeishere Fri 11-Jan-19 23:40:28


My 2012 VW Touran has a lightbulb warning light that is permanently on. The garage that services it etc can’t find the faulty light.

Any clues? It’s not any of the main ones (brake, headlight, indicators etc).

Just irritating having the warning light illuminated all the time.

themueslicamel Tue 15-Jan-19 23:27:13

I had this in my Sharan.

Check the bulbs, the system detects a fault if there is a break in the circuit Or an insufficient current being drawn, so if a bulb is the wrong wattage then it will work fine and could still trigger the warning.

I bet there is a 20w bulb for example where there should be a 45w.

I would bet it's in the rear light clusters, take them out and check both sides of the same type at the same time.

Hope this helps!

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