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crimsonlake Mon 07-Jan-19 20:47:09

Totally confused when it comes to buying a car. I want a Fiesta Zetec and have narrowed it down to 3. My original budget was 6 K , but I can see I will be increasing it.
Car 1, 2016, 16,000 on clock, 1 owner, full service history £7,241, with 6 months warranty still to run. MOT due Sept.
Car 2, looks exactly the same but 2015, 14,500 on clock, think it is 1 owner and full history. No warranty but will have full MOT £6,681.
Car 3, again looks the same, 2016, 26,000 miles on clock £6,681, no info as yet regarding history and warranty so perhaps assume it is the same as car 1.
I could purchase additional warranty but that would add extra to the cost when I am trying to keep it as low as possible. Also I have read mixed reviews about these due to caveats in the clauses.
Which car would you go for bearing in mind I would want to keep it for 10 years?

MaxTeyon Tue 08-Jan-19 13:28:33

Assuming it’s the 1.0 ecoboost you’re looking at then I’d be looking elsewhere. No way on earth would I be wanting to try and run one of these to 13/14 years old.

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