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Jazz after VW

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Eatcabbage Mon 07-Jan-19 18:17:26

I've always had VWs, either Golf or Polo and my 18 year old Golf is I think due for replacement.
I'm really tempted by the Jazz, it seems so well thought out. I have found a 2014 1.4 EX that seems an excellent example.
I am though a little worried that it may feel like a step down from the Golf that I'm used to, in terms of refinement, comfort over long distances and power.
I do prefer the interior styling of VWs and was a little disappointed by the hard and easy-to-scratch plastics in the Jazz.
However, I am still really drawn to the Jazz, but wanted to ask the opinion of people on here that may have experience of both.
Thank you!

MaxTeyon Mon 07-Jan-19 20:12:05

It’ll be an upgrade in terms of build quality and reliability grin

Aaaahfuck Mon 07-Jan-19 20:20:38

I've got a 2004 jazz at the moment. It might be time for an upgrade soon. So I've been looking into other cars. I think it depends what you are looking for. The jazz is known for being reliable but it's not fancy inside. On the one hand the interior is where you spend your time while driving. However for me I probably value reliability over this.

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