Lane assist feature on Apple Maps app - has anyone used it?

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Borelis Sun 09-Dec-18 16:15:36

Hi, I couldn't seem to find the lane assist feature on the maps app so updated the software on my iphone 6 (had ios 10, now updated to ios12). Says online that the Apple Maps feature of lane assist came in with ios11 so should be in the ios12 update but somehow can't see it. I've tried putting in random "to" and "from" locations and cannot see it pop up (whilst clicking through the step by step directions) of the journey.

Has anyone seen/used this feature? If so, could you tell me a from and to location between which this feature definitely pops up so I can check if I've got the correct Apple Maps version or not... Or do I need to be actually driving for the lane assist direction to come up?

Thank you

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