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Confused about driving down this road

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Borelis Mon 26-Nov-18 21:33:57

Picture 1: Imagine I'm in the car position of the orange circle, approaching an unmarked roundabout. The roundabout only has two exists (one to the left - first exit) and one at about 2oclock position (2nd exit). I assume that left lane is for first exit and right lane is for the 2nd (2oclock exit)? Is that right?

Picture 2 shows where the roundabout immediately leads to if I take the left (first) exit: a road with 3 different lanes (2 to the left and one straight on)... so which lane (left or right) in roundabout pic1 correlates to each of the lanes?

Picture 3 shows leading on from picture 2 and I've annotated some questions/areas of doubt - e.g does the no entry sign only apply to the side where the driver can read it the right way up?

I can't see any option to turn right here...? & just any general guidance/explanation about the set up in picture 3 would be great.

Sorry to ask a lot but I'm trying to familiarize myself and I'm used to much simpler road layouts usually and obviously, playing trial and error on the road would not be great so any guidance/explanation you can provide would be great.

Thank you

LIZS Mon 26-Nov-18 21:43:34

Picture 1 left lane first exit, right lane fir second,
picture 2 both filter from left lane of roundabout, use left hand lane for the immediate left turn
Picture 3 To turn right you would cross to central refuge from straight on lane.
Not sure what you mean about No Entry, surely there is no straight on.

Borelis Wed 28-Nov-18 20:33:59

Thanks for the reply. So in picture 1, the lane choice on approach to the roundabout is purely based on the immediate exits from the roundabouts and not on the 3 lanes the first exit divides into?

Picture 2: I thought the only possible left turn is immediate left? what other left is there? My original doubts here were how would a person turn right is theres only 2 lanes for left and 1 for straight on?

Picture 3: I was referring to the no entry sign painted on the road (I've marked it on the picture) - does it only apply to the driver approaching from the direction whereby the text ("no entry" is written the right way up)?

Any further help would be much appreciated - I've not found any road as difficult to understand as this one so far :/

LIZS Wed 28-Nov-18 21:07:15

Picture 2 shows 3 lanes on that exit, 2 filter left onto the Dual Carriageway or rh is for straight on/right. Hard to see from picture 3 but does traffic cross straight over as well as turn right. Is the "no entry" to stop traffic from that road opposite attempting to access the dual carriageway at that point.

Loka123 Wed 23-Jan-19 20:40:18

Thanks for the response but I'm still a bit confused.

At the roundabout in the first pic, there are 2 lanes on approach that I could be in and the roundabout has two exits - one at approx 10oclock (slightly left) and one at 2oclock (slightly right). I would have thought this meant, get into the left lane on approach for left exit at the roundabout and get into right lane for the right handside exit from the roundabout...BUT, the left 10oclock exit has 3 lanes (2 for turning left later and one to turn right) so I've noticed everyone that wants the left exit and then to right (i.e. 3rd lane on the left 10oclock exit), usually seem to approach in the right hand lane....

Is this an exception to normal roundabout assumptions of left lane approach for left lane exists as it has 3 lanes in the left?

Loka123 Thu 24-Jan-19 21:02:20

Please I'm sure most people know the answer to this smile

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