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Car vinyl wrap insurance

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RayRae19 Tue 16-Oct-18 09:34:27

Anyone know much about vinyl wraps?
On Friday I nudged into the back of another vehicle in slow moving traffic in the pouring rain.
There was no mark on my car at all, but the other car was white all over, part of a limo company type thing. There was a small chip in the white, and they called me yesterday and told me the whole bumper wrap needs to be taken off and replaced at £690!

I have never heard of wraps before although I kind of get what it is - but should it cost this much to fix? Also, if I went through my insurance would they cover this? There's no structural damage, I could only have been going about 5mph.
Obviously I will pay if necessary to resolve it but I feel a bit uneasy. The guy from the car fleet called me and told me the amount with no mention of insurance and hasn't given me any of their details except the name of his company.
Is he trying to make things easier or rip me off? And can I do anything about it?

I took photos of both cars at the time and gave them my details...tried to add the photos here but it won't?!

MaxTeyon Tue 16-Oct-18 18:10:25

This is why you pay for insurance, let them deal with it

Omwraps Fri 07-Dec-18 23:30:16

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

InvisbleWonder Wed 16-Jan-19 00:52:59

I know a fair amount about cars, including wrapping.
A bumper would not cost £690 to strip and re-wrap. That company is having you on.

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