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Skoda Kodiaq?

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Noloudnoises Tue 04-Sep-18 08:23:16


If you have one of these please tell me your pros and cons. I've read all there is to read about them and going to see them soon. But I need practical owner advice - mother to two boys and all the future entails about camping and bikes and general child paraphernalia. Don't give a hoot about horse power and engine size stuff. All gobbledegook to me... thinking of getting the 7 seater for future transporting friends and general boot size dimensions. But equally happy with the 5 seater.


3boysNeedABiggerKitchen Fri 28-Sep-18 08:31:43

Anyone? I am looking at this too.
Currently have a big VW caravelle which is full of camping and biking gear.
I am looking for something easier to manage, but with 7 seats and lots of boot space

AlessandroVasectomi Mon 05-Nov-18 11:02:04

I’m considering a Kodiaq for my ne

AlessandroVasectomi Mon 05-Nov-18 11:09:10

Oops. As I was saying, for my next car. In my view it offers phenominal value for money. It is built on the same platform as the VW Tiguan, Audi Q7 and forthcoming Seat Tarraco so you’re getting a big SUV at a very reasonable price. If you don’t care about performance or engine capacity, then you’ll be deciding on the basis of practicality and the Kodiaq scores very highly on that front. It’s roomy, easy to drive, comfortable, well-equipped and has some interesting features, such as umbrellas in the front doors and a detachable torch in the boot. I’d recommend watching some of the reviews on YouTube - you’ll soon see how much it has to offer.

overandunder9 Sat 10-Nov-18 20:51:14

We’re seriously considering getting one too for the same reasons as @alessandrovasectomi.

A key draw for us is that you can have isofix put into the front seat, so you don’t have to pull child seats out of the middle row to get people in the back (have to switch the airbag off).

Sabulous Mon 17-Dec-18 08:35:15

I really like this car, I test drove one in the summer, such a big boot and nice to drive. It would be good to know if anyone has bought one, and how it is. I need to be taking a pram in and out of the boot on the school run every day.

Noloudnoises Mon 17-Dec-18 09:52:12

Oh good. Yes, would be good to hear from anyone who DOES have one and it's pros/cons?

NigelMolesworth Mon 17-Dec-18 10:15:27

DH has one as our family car and we love it!

It's lovely to drive. We have an automatic with quite a lot of additions - rear camera, parking assist, lane assist etc. I was a bit sceptical about all the technology but actually it is very helpful now I've got the hang of it.

We also have the 7 seat version which has been really useful as we can now fit the grandparents in too. The rear seats are not large but I've travelled in one fine as a 5'6 woman although I wouldn't want to do a long journey. Without the rear seats up, the boot has various different configurations and you can make more space by sliding the rear seat bench forwards. It swallowed a huge amount of camping kit for a two week holiday in the south of a France without being cramped in the cabin.

It can happily handle our rural roads and rough ground.

Downsides ... not much really! It's quite a high car and if you put a roof box on you'll need a step. You also then need to be very wary of how high the car is in total for barriers etc. Can you tell we had an issue with this blushblush

NigelMolesworth Mon 17-Dec-18 10:18:28

The other nice touches are things like the door bumpers that pop out to protect the door edge when you open the doors, umbrellas stored inside the doors, the Sat Nav is good and stereo etc.

We've got the big glass roof too which is lovely - makes the car very light inside.

Noloudnoises Mon 17-Dec-18 23:31:30

@NigelMolesworth fabulous. Thank you. We're waiting until after Thai bee it nonsense to decide about laying down a chunk on a new car.

May I ask how much you got yours for?

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