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Who was wrong in this parking incident?

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lljkk Wed 23-May-18 20:20:39

(I was only a witness, btw! No diagram, but I think it's a simple story)

Supermarket carpark, cars parked in parallel rows.

Woman in parked car opens her driver side door. At that same moment teen guy drives rather fast into the parking spot next to the driver door & hits the just-opening door very hard.

Luckily no one hurt (phew).

Who is to blame for the collision?

Gizlotsmum Wed 23-May-18 20:22:33

Both equally. Teen should have checked space was clear, woman opening door should have checked before opening it

MrsCD67 Wed 23-May-18 20:25:13

the driver

Sweetpotatoaddict Wed 23-May-18 20:30:13

Moving vehicle.

TERFragetteCity Wed 23-May-18 20:31:10

The driver.

lljkk Wed 23-May-18 20:31:34

How will the insurance companies treat it -- who will they blame?

IWantMyHatBack Wed 23-May-18 20:33:22

The moving vehicle.

Efferlunt Wed 23-May-18 20:33:35

Driver hit stationary vehicle so his fault. I imagine that’s was insurance company would assume too

IWantMyHatBack Wed 23-May-18 20:35:35

Lucky she wasn't half out the door at the time.

gamerchick Wed 23-May-18 20:36:52

I think it's always the moving vehicle that's to blame isn't it? You can't blame a parked car.

HunterHearstHelmsley Wed 23-May-18 20:36:54

Depends on point of impact. If the passenger has opened door into oncoming car or if the oncoming car drove into the open door.

Happened to me a couple of years ago. I had a dash cam so the insurers could see the passenger has opened the door into me rather than the other way around.

HunterHearstHelmsley Wed 23-May-18 20:38:00

If you say the parked car is never to blame then surely that means when someone slams their passenger door into car then it's not their fault...

gamerchick Wed 23-May-18 20:39:36

Well that's different isn't it if both cars are parked?

savageHK Wed 23-May-18 20:39:57

Both to blame but more the driver of the moving vehicle.
You are only supposed to open your door once you've checked it's clear (as a general rule) - stops you dooring people on bikes for one, although that's not an issue here. I'm hazarding even if the parked car's driver did check if it was clear the moving car's driver was going too fast for the conditions and wouldn't have been seen?

lljkk Wed 23-May-18 22:00:18

I have impression the door was open before the nose of the car entered the parking spot... but I couldn't see that for sure from my angle.

They were both harping at each other when I left. I kind of lean towards equally to blame, but not sure. I have a teen about to get his license, must remember to tell him this story. Nobody wants so much hassle.

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