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Anyone have experience with VW Transporters/vans/camper vans? Please help!

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SunshineIsComing Wed 16-May-18 18:28:50

DH would like us to get a converted Volkswagen Transporter. I'm keen but at the moment we lease cars, and this would be back to us buying.

He suggested we do a finance plan over 10 years but I'm a little worried that a few years in we may start experiencing a lot of car trouble. He assured me that these vans are built to last.

We'd be looking at buying one for around £20-£25k that's maybe a few years old with under 50,000 Miles on the clock.

Does this sound as though it could work on a 10 year finance deal or would that be a bad move?

Any advice much appreciated.

Thank you!

reddington Wed 16-May-18 21:53:02

He assured me that these vans are built to last.

Lol! They’re shit! You do not want to be stuck paying for an unreliable heap for 10 years!

somewhereovertherain Fri 18-May-18 20:11:31

Really don’t get them we have two on our fleet and I really don’t like driving them. Over priced crap. We brought a brand new T6 for £16k + vat but they really screw you for the conversions.

Saying that we sold a 54 plate one a few years ago to a neighbour and it’s still going strong

BossWitch Fri 18-May-18 20:15:02

Get an old one! A 1980s t25. Get lowest mileage and as little rust as possible. Yes you'll need to fix bits now and then but it's pretty cheap to do so as it's all such simple mechanics, and they are so much fun!

Galerina Fri 18-May-18 20:26:34

Why get finance on anything? It's the most expensive kind of credit. If you don't have the ready cash then get a bank loan. I currently have a 1991 T4 Carthago conversion I bought for £7K a few years ago and it's going strong, very reliable. For £15K you would get a newer T4. I love mine and you can get something very decent for £10K. It depends what level of luxury you want!

CarDad Wed 06-Jun-18 16:53:49

the transporter is not reliable, VW reliability is a myth.

But the myth does mean they hold their value well.

Have you looked at any other camper vans?
A friend has a Ssangyong Tourismo camper, comes with a 5 year warranty, reliable, can be used as a car in the week, etc.
It cost him £31,800 for a pre-reg with 8 miles on the clock.

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