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Good car for new twins?

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davidpfitz Sat 28-Apr-18 14:42:29

Well, the BMW Z4 has got to go! Twins on the way.

I don't want a car any bigger than we need, but a the same time I imagine twins will come with quite a lot of "stuff" and don't want to play Tetris every time we load the car to squeeze everything in.

A colleague suggested we really need a 7 seater, with folding rear seats to ensure a really big boot. But it feel like overkill ... or is it?

Jeep Renegade looks nice. Not too expensive second hand. Nice and high, not too big and while the boot looks fairly spacious to me I'm not sure that after you add a buggy and all the baby paraphernalia (x2) it will suffice.

The other thing is the car will need to be big enough that the drivers seat isn't impacted by the rear facing baby seat in the back.

Is there anyone here with twins that would either recommend a particular car, or just as useful tell me anything to stick well clear of! Or is a 7 seater like a Qashqai+2 really the thing to go for?

The plan is to get something that'll last a few years, until the twins are a bit older and come with less baggage, then we can get something a little smaller if we want.


OMGtwins Sat 28-Apr-18 15:30:09

Skoda Octavia suited us really well, of you want to posh it up you can go for the Audi A6 which is VAG group top of the range equivalent. Of you want power, go for VRS, really quite fun! My friends have a BMW 5 series estate and held over 6 foot tall and can still use the front seat comfortably, but it all depends on what seat position you need.

All front car seats are affected to a degree by baby or child card seats, especially if you decide to go extended rear facing for your twins in future because those seat, so you'd best take a car seat with you when you go look at a car and or Google [your car seat] and [potential new car].

CruelAndUnusualParenting Sun 29-Apr-18 18:08:34

Octavias have huge boots and are good solid reliable motors.

We ran an Octavia estate for 8 years.

davidpfitz Sun 29-Apr-18 18:32:04

Thanks everyone.

Octavia subs like a good bet.


neversleepagain Sun 29-Apr-18 18:35:45

Our twins are 5 and the Vauxhall Zafira Tourer has served us well. We don't use the two seats at back and the boot is huge.

NapQueen Sun 29-Apr-18 18:36:35

Ford focus? Do they do an estate version?

Mathbat Sun 29-Apr-18 18:42:17

I have a VW Tiguan which I would say is the smallest size you could get away with and still fit everything in. It’s important to check that the rear-facing seats fit in whichever car you end up with - my husbnad’s car is bigger than mine but won’t fit the car seats due to the size of the rear seats relative to the boot. The good thing about SUV type cars is that the higher level means getting twins in and out of their seats is kinder on your back. Good luck!

reddington Sun 29-Apr-18 20:28:51

Honda CRV might be good to look at. Certainly better than the VAG stuff already suggested. Lexus NX if you have a larger budget, build quality that a Skoda can only dream of.

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