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Best car for rear facing car seat - approx £5-6k

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FTMsomanyquestions Wed 11-Apr-18 19:30:25

Baby no 1 is due shortly and we need to buy a car and a car seat, we were thinking of getting a fiesta or a focus till my mum told me that with niece's ERF seat in her fiesta my mum's knees are on the dashboard when she's the passenger.

So we are now having a rethink and don't know where to start other than we want a car that will last a few years so need one that has enough passenger leg room to be comfortable on long journeys with a rear facing baby seat and an ERF and ideally don't want a tank - we are both under 5'7" so not that tall but still don't want to be squished up.

Grateful for any suggestions of cars we should consider that are roomy with ERF seats, aren't huge and won't break the bank!


NotAnotherJaffaCake Wed 11-Apr-18 19:33:44

Secondhand Skoda Octavia - ultra reliable and we had two Cybex Sironas in ours with no problems.

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