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Anyone have an Audi A3 saloon 1litre..

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Newbieuser1880 Fri 06-Apr-18 20:40:59

I am getting a company car and one of the options i’m considering is an Audi A3 saloon. I’m looking for someone who has a 1 litre version. I’ll be getting the Sline. I’ve test driven one however it was 2 litres and ridiculously responsive/fast which I don’t need. Just seeing what this one is like in that engine? The other option was a BMW 1-Series sport but I think I prefer the Audi.

reddington Sat 07-Apr-18 10:10:21

The 2.0 is nippy, certainly not what you’d call ridiculously fast. The 1.0 has just over half the power and is dog slow.

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