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Need more rear legroom for car seats

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mrspapalazarou Mon 02-Apr-18 21:14:38

Hi, can anyone recommend a car with good rear legroom? I currently have a Ford Fiesta which I love but we have 2 children and if 6ft DH is driving, his seat being so far back means that its impossible to fit DD2s bucket seat behind him. DD1 has to sit behind in her front facing seat but she barely has any legroom and it's only going to get worse (she's only 2.5 at the moment)

So, we need something to give us more space. Had a look at Ford just because that's what I'm used to and
I'm not looking for a huge people carrier or anything, so a Mondeo or a Cmax looked promising?

I'm in no way an expert on cars so please forgive my ignorance, I'm open to any suggestions if anyone has any?

Serafinaaa Thu 05-Apr-18 09:31:36

I've just swapped my Citroën C3 Picasso for a Fiat 500L. Both smallish cars with tons of leg room in the back. I've got two children in stage 1 car seats and a tallish partner.

teaandbiscuitsforme Fri 06-Apr-18 14:16:46

We have a people carrier so no help there but just bare in mind that even with a forward facing seat, there must be at least 55cm clearance. So might be worth a check if she's that short of leg room!

mrspapalazarou Fri 06-Apr-18 18:14:14

Thanks for the recommendations. Tea, I didn't know about the 55cm rule, I better check that confused

teaandbiscuitsforme Fri 06-Apr-18 18:29:26

No I didn't know about it either until I joined a car seat group on Facebook. I've attached the info on it. I think when they do the legal testing, if the child would hit the seat in front with a distance of 55cm, the seat would fail to be legal. Which is why you must have 55cm clearance when forward facing.

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