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speeding fine

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AngelEyes46 Sat 10-Mar-18 20:03:39

i sped in Feb - and received an NIP. Sent it off with my details, i.e. nothing to say other than yes - accepted that i was over the limit on a 30. have not received anything - does anyone have any background knowledge on this?

namechangeforthisquestion Sat 10-Mar-18 20:11:13

Just ring them. Put your mind at rest then.

namechangeforthisquestion Sat 10-Mar-18 20:11:37

What's an nip?

MummySparkle Sat 10-Mar-18 20:13:58

I send mine off on 26th feb and received the next letter on Thursday. I'd give them a call to check where things are at

AngelEyes46 Sat 10-Mar-18 20:21:44

nip is a notice of intended prosecution and if sent off, can be offered speed course (which i am hoping) plus fine. If not, fine and points (which then has an effect on insurance). the offence was 28 jan, letter dated 8 feb, i.e. nip and i responded on the 23 feb.
mummy - did you enclose your licence as i wondered if i should have done. the nip states licence number and date of birth but have i done that right?

alldaysleeper Sun 10-Jun-18 20:30:00

It's a very straightforward process, I got the NIP replied within a couple of days and got offer of speed awareness course all inside a week. Definitely don't enclose your licence, just make sure all information is correct.

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