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Best city cars for short people?

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javabean35 Thu 22-Feb-18 21:10:28

Has anyone got recommendations for city cars for short people?

I'm 5 feet tall -- thinking of getting a Mini, but happy to her about other cars

ReginaldMolehusband Thu 22-Feb-18 21:30:03

My DW is 4ft 11 and is on her second Smart Fortwo , loves em. Nippy, easy to park and frugal on fuel. I'm 6ft and find it great to drive also, visibility excellent all round and plenty of room. Only two seats of course and little boot space but ideal for city use.
Repairs can be pricey though, it's all electronic, and everything's packed into a small space so it has to be dismantled to fix anything. Even putting water in the washers requires removing a front panel.The semi automatic gear box may put some but I do like the paddle gear shifters.

starzig Thu 22-Feb-18 21:39:11

Years ago minis were terrible for women as the clutch was deep. I am 5ft and perfect height for my Ibiza.

agedknees Sat 14-Jul-18 20:41:35

Fiat 500 all the way. My mini I had trouble getting in and out because it’s low, I’m oldish and have knackered back. Have given it to my dd.

mbwoy84 Sun 15-Jul-18 15:28:21

Hyundai i10

rosie39forever Wed 18-Jul-18 17:04:02

Fiat panda, high driving position which is perfect for us shorties

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