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7 seater for under £5k

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Lovelilies Mon 29-Jan-18 20:45:53

My Zafira has been written off sad some dick head decided to plough into it at the side of the road and drive away angry

So I've got £4.7k to buy a new car. I have 3 DC- 12,4 and 1, so need room for 2 car seats which the Zafira didn't really have, plus having to move the middle row to get the back seats up and down was a massive ball ache.

Also need room for 2 sofa and my huge 3 wheel double pram.

Any suggestions? I know pretty much naff all about cars, and don't have anyone to help me IRL.

NumbersLetters Mon 29-Jan-18 20:50:07

I recommend a Honda FRV. 6 seats but 3 in the front, 3 in the back. The middle front one goes down if you don't need it. They don't make them any more but they last well.

OneEpisode Mon 29-Jan-18 20:55:48

Did you mean sofa?
Our old Peugeot 806 was just assassinated in similar circs. Insurance paid us £2.5k (we didn’t accept first offer) and as our kids are older now we got something else. I’d recommend an 806 though. Sliding door and full 7 seater. Would take three car seats across. The other person’s insurance paid towards a rental for a while whilst it was resolved..

Lovelilies Mon 29-Jan-18 21:38:08

Ha ha I meant car seats confused
Sadly the other party left he scene without leaving any details.

OneEpisode Mon 29-Jan-18 21:42:01

Our car assassin was caught in the act at least. The 806 was also sold with Citroen and Fiat badges. Ours had a leather interior, not exactly a sofa, but still missed...

mbwoy84 Wed 31-Jan-18 20:07:16

Have a look for a Nissan Elgrand. Will be older one in that price bracket, but an excellent, reliable choice for a big car and they’re an 8 seater.

Lovelilies Wed 31-Jan-18 20:52:02

Has anyone had a ford S max? There's a few for sale I'm thinking of looking at

colouringinagain Wed 31-Jan-18 20:55:22

I've got an old VW Touran, you could pick one up with your budget. I'm really pleased with it.

themueslicamel Fri 02-Feb-18 00:20:01

I have had an S Max for the last three years, I hate it, never gelled with it.

Cost me a bomb too, although to be fair this does seem unusual.

I am getting rid of it now, but whoever buys it will get. Bargain as it's all been done, tyres, exhaust, discs and pads etc

InvisibleToEveryone Mon 12-Feb-18 20:01:07

I had an smax for a hire car, I bloody loved it!!

Was really sad to hand it back.

ifiwasaflowergrowingwildnfree Tue 13-Feb-18 09:34:45

Can't help but watching with interest and bumping for you. We are looking for a 7 seater with the same budget - we're expecting twins and already have 2 other dc. Slightly unexpected so haven't managed to save much.

IfNot Tue 13-Feb-18 09:40:40

Mazda 5. Not ridiculously massive, but actually great to drive (unlike most family buses). Slidey doors too!

aspergersrus Tue 13-Feb-18 09:42:39

Chevrolet captiva

Lovelilies Tue 13-Feb-18 18:12:00

I have bought a Citroen C-4 grand Picasso. Was only £3k, a 2010 plate.
So far it's been excellent! Better than the old Zafira.

themueslicamel Fri 23-Feb-18 00:16:42

I have just ditched my S Max, 2.5 years of bills for only 16k miles.

Picking up a Picasso Exclusive EGS on Saturday OP, hopefully mine will be as good as yours!

Is yours an EGS?

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