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Best city car (cheap to insure) (used)

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caremummy Wed 17-Jan-18 19:14:43

I am planning getting a car for my second year, so in September.
I passed my test in march 2017, have done passplus and have had a few months experience as a named driver on my mum's fiesta and will have more in the summer.
I am buying the car and insurance myself, and want to do so outright. So far I've got 2 grand, and with my job etc I should have 5-6 grand by September. I also live near a city, so it needs to be small/easy to drive, but I want it to be a manual. Insurance wise due to being a Nursing student and care assistant I don't want a black box (can't have a curfew). I'll be 19 when I get it.

The list so far of possibilities:
citroen c1/Peugeot 107
ford ka
vw up/skoda citigo/seat mii
vw fox
fiat 500
What I'd like (but probably wont get):
seat Ibiza
fiat punto (newer models)
ford fiesta

Does anyone have any idea's/suggestions on the above? or any recommendations of where to buy it?

caremummy Wed 17-Jan-18 19:14:54

Thankyou in advance x

LittleCandle Wed 17-Jan-18 19:16:34

I'm on to my second C1. Great little car, suprisingly spacious. Cheap road tax and perfect for parking in tight spaces. I got mine from a Citroen garage.

shushpenfold Wed 17-Jan-18 19:16:43

VWUp! Cheap to buy, run, insure and it does just what it says on the tin.

justdontevenfuckingstart Wed 17-Jan-18 19:20:04

My DD1 has a Fiat 500, great little car. No black box, she is a chef so insurance wise wasn't great (2k with direct line I think). I've got a Citroen C3 banger absolutely love it.

NannyR Wed 17-Jan-18 19:20:04

Skoda citigo is a great little car, very economical, easy to park, lots of space inside for such a small car. Identical engine to VW up but not quite as plush interior so a bit cheaper.

caremummy Wed 17-Jan-18 19:21:34

Thank you both
I forgot to add, it needs to be able to cope with a 250 mile motorway journey about ten times a year

justdontevenfuckingstart Wed 17-Jan-18 19:28:51

All cars are fine with that, great mpg on long runs, DD1 goes to see her sister at uni and runs down to her dads. No problems whatsoever. Just make sure you have breakdown cover!

NannyR Wed 17-Jan-18 19:29:58

The citigo is fine on the motorway - I wouldn't choose it if I was commuting daily on the motorway, but I regularly load it up with camping gear and drive on long journeys.

Margomyhero Wed 17-Jan-18 19:31:00

DSS just got a Skoda citogo. Insurance on it was the cheapest. No road tax. Nippy car.

emwithme Wed 17-Jan-18 19:31:57

Don't forget the Toyota Aygo. It's identical to the C1/107.

Mine copes well with a 20 mile motorway commute and fits into parking gaps like a dream. Plus, it's only £20 to tax for the year

Failingat40 Wed 17-Jan-18 20:12:56

Kia Picanto. You would be able to get a 3/4 year old one for that money and they come with a 7 year manufacturers warranty.

WV Up are good but VW are expensive.

caremummy Wed 17-Jan-18 21:20:29

I will consider the picanto and aygo (the newer one looks so cool)
I basically want the most reliable car for the best price.
I do love the look of VW but the citigo and mii are v similar and cheaper.
Living in Edinburgh means I'll leave my two favourite cars (fiesta and Ibiza) as a possibility for when I move back to Yorkshire after uni.

Shockers Wed 17-Jan-18 21:22:12

I love my UP!

caremummy Wed 17-Jan-18 21:23:02

ford ka
skoda citigo/seat mii
kia picanto
fiat 500

caremummy Wed 17-Jan-18 21:25:28

the 5-6 grand (could be 7 - shift dependent) is to include insurance

caremummy Wed 17-Jan-18 21:26:51

I can tell I'm going to be torn

theclockticksslowly Sat 27-Jan-18 23:22:06

What about a Hyundai i10? One 2-3 years old might come within that price range and they also have a 7 year warranty.

InfiniteSheldon Mon 26-Feb-18 20:35:50

We've just got an i10 as a rental after our car was totalled by a frenc h lorry driver I love it seriously thinking of buying one what did you decide I am going to look at a C1 and an Aygo too

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