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HIgh back boosters in cars

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My4stars Tue 16-Jan-18 09:31:55

Hi - my first ever post and I need your advice please.
I have a Renault grand Scenic and 4 children. 13,11,5,4

The older 2 sit in the middle row and the youngest 2 in the 3rd row. But I’ve now discovered a problem with their high back

I can’t raise up the headrests any more because of the shape of the car and the pillars there is no room. The sameness problem occurs in the second row too.

So I’m looking at a few cars but need your opinion on whether the high back boosters will work in them in the 3rd row

My shortlist is Renault grand espace, Peugeot 5008 ( 2010-2016 model ), VW Touran or Ford S-Max

Has anyone used successfully high back boosters in these cars 3rd row with the headrests raised right up or can you recommend another option for under £5k ?

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