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Anyone got an Aygo?

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purplemunkey Sun 03-Dec-17 11:44:24

I'm thinking of buying one (used) and everything I've read sounds good. My only hesitation is the proximity of the back seat to the back of the car as I will have my 3yr in the back.

I'm a new driver, passed 6 months ago and inherited DPs old car when I passed. I've never really got on with it, it's bigger than the Fiesta I learnt in and I'm really keen on switching to manual.

I've found it hard building my confidence and have been sticking to short journeys in my immediate area. I've just been getting on with it but would like to start pushing myself and actually enjoy the freedom learning to drive and having my own car was meant to give me! In my mind a small, automatic car would be a better 'first car' for me and help me get there.

I like the smaller cars such as the Aygo but it has crossed my mind that the crumple zone at the back should I be rear ended is much smaller than regular/bigger cars. Would this be a cause for concern?

Boot space doesn't bother me, I'd be fine with the limited space an Aygo offers.

Any advice/opinions?

DOLLYDAYDREAMER Sat 16-Dec-17 22:38:27

My daughter had an AYGO to learn in and now has Citroen C1 (same as aygo) They are great little run around cars. very cheap to run, tax and sure. Both have been reliable. I enjoying driving then, big change ftom my Volvo. However i can see your point about putting a little one in the back as probably not the best rear end protection. Maybe look at something slightly bigger like VW or Ford or Honda

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